BREAKING NEWS: Santa Fe City Council votes to oppose HJR 22

At its meeting last night, the Santa Fe City Council asked all legislators to oppose HJR 22, a constitutional amendment proposed by Rep. David Chavez (R-Valencia) that would deny marriage to same-sex families and prevent New Mexico from honoring same-sex marriages and civil unions performed elsewhere.

The City Council outlined its position in an emergency resolution, sponsored by Councilwoman Patti Bushee.

“The Santa Fe City Council stood with New Mexico families last night, and sent a clear message to legislators: that in New Mexico we celebrate diversity, we respect our neighbors, and we value our families. All of our families”, said Jacob Candelaria, President/CEO of Equality New Mexico.

“With thousands of New Mexicans still struggling to get by in a rough economy, now is not the time to score political points by inciting discrimination against thousands of New Mexico families,” continued Candelaria.

“My sincere hope is that all legislators, including Rep. David Chavez, will spend their time focusing on what matters most to New Mexicans: education, jobs, and the economy”, concluded Candelaria.

Read the resolution here. 

4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Santa Fe City Council votes to oppose HJR 22

  1. It is very important that all peoples are treated equally. Remember when white and black people could not marry each other, Asian and white people could not marry each other. This was changed! Now it must be that gay people must be able to marry each other–man to man and woman to woman. And neither they nor their children should be harassed. All people, whoever they are, should be able to marry whomever they love.

  2. Hearty thanks to everyone standing behind the city council’s emergency resolution against HJR 22. If you wish to express your personal opposition to enscribing discrimination into the state’s constitution, zip off an e-mail to the author and sponsor of the the bill, Rep. David C. Chavez, at

  3. Allowing two people to commit to each other is the most stabilizing thing government can encourage to build strong communities. It doesn’t matter if the commitment is straight or gay.

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